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The INSPIRE Preset is my go to for editing - whether it’s portraits or landscapes, I love a pop of a little saturated blue and yellows, which can be seen in a lot of my most recent work. It’s a great starter pack where you can add your own twist to it for your own work for your blog, personal use, or more. Be sure to tag @maxbakerphoto when sharing!

this was made for Adobe Photoshop. When opening Lightroom, it should be under presets after saving it in Photoshop first. It worked for me, but let me know if it doesn’t open in Lightroom!

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How to install:

1. Once file is downloaded, double click .DNG file. Should open directly to Photoshop Camera Raw. 

2. When in camera raw, go to presets tab. Lower right corner should be what appears to be what I call it, the "sticky note" icon. Click that. This will prompt you to save a new preset.

3. Save as "Inspire-MB-01" and hit "OK".

4. That's it! Enjoy your new preset!