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Create Preset Package - 5 Custom Presets

Create Preset Package - 5 Custom Presets

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The ultimate package deal of presets I designed. From cool and simple tones to dramatic contrast and something different, these 4 color and 1 black&white custom presets are sure to enhance your work. Based off of 5 very important actions we should all take into life, take a look below for the titles and examples of each preset and what to expect. Make sure to tag @maxbakerphoto if used!

  1. Breathe

  2. Adventure

  3. Hustle

  4. Inspire

  5. Love

Please refer to the links here if you need help installing:

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How to install:

1. Once file is downloaded, double click .DNG file. Should open directly to Photoshop Camera Raw. 

2. When in camera raw, go to presets tab. Lower right corner should be what appears to be what I call it, the "sticky note" icon aka New Preset tab. Click that. This will prompt you to save a new preset.

3. Save as preset file name and hit "OK".

4. That's it! Enjoy your new preset!