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Max Baker is an internationally published photographer, editor, and creative director from Northern California and is currently based in Orange County, California just outside of Los Angeles. Growing up, Max always knew she was meant for something greater, and found a passion within the media arts. Since starting photography professionally back in 2013, her portfolio has been made up by musicians, actors, brands, models, and more, specializing in editorial, music, and celebrity portraiture. Max is a well rounded artist, member of TGS Collective, co-host of music podcast The Stout Club, and has been featured in Alternative Press, FLAUNT, Grumpy Magazine, and more. Starting a blog early 2018, she has built her platform as a place to connect and work with other artists to get an inside look at how they started their careers and stay inspired in spite of how crazy the art and entertainment world may be.

Making the move to Los Angeles was a personal decision to create more opportunities, network with other creatives, and gain exposure for the art she has created. Her goal is to be able to make a difference for women artists, travel the world, and capture what life offers through a lens.

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